Monday, March 20, 2017

This weeks lab was very useful in the teaching of vector data and overlay tool functions. I chose blue to represent the water bodies, a darker red color to represent the roads so they would be clearly visible, and green to represent the sites. This lab was interesting because I have always heard of buffers and never understood how the parameters were determined. Overall the most enjoyable aspect of this lab was the ability for me to relate to the topic of study, considering my love for the outdoors.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bay County Midterm Project

 I put a lot of time into trying to create maps that were aesthetically appealing for the viewer, this lab was enjoyable for me because of the freedom we were given. This creates the opportunity to be as creative as we wanted which is important in any creation. I broke my creation process into three parts, locating all the necessary data and map components. then I created a base map to add the data on, and finally critiquing the map to be as visually appealing to the best of my abilities. This assignment taught me how and where to locate useful data for future map projects.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Map Projections

This map is a representation of the differences between different map projections and how they can effect the boundary lines.  The three projection types are Alberts, State Plane, UTM. To the naked eye there may be no obvious difference between the three projection types, because how often does someone know the exact boundary of a county, but there are differences. The focal area is not altered much but the outlying counties are severely altered.The highlighted counties range from the focal point of Northwest Florida to South Florida to represent this. For the symbology of these maps I chose five colors that would be visually appealing while serving a purpose. I chose the darker green background to make the lighter highlighted counties stand out, and be easily viewed. The highlighted counties range This lab was rather easy very useful in the attempt to understand the different projection types. A lot of information about these projections has now become available through the teachings of this lab.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This weeks lab was very interesting and helpful in learning the ArcMap program, and especially in learning the methods used to create a multi layered map. My map is a double layered map, looking at a specific location in the state of Florida. Escambia county, but more specifically the University of West Florida being the target location being referenced. This map highlights specific physical features that would allow be easily noticed by a traveler in the area. These features are highlighted due to their proximity to the main UWF campus creating a smooth easy location of the campus.The university is brought to attention by the orange triangle marking the location of the campus. Interstates are marked with black lines and the marker shields, two nearby cities are marked with small black dots to illustrate their location as a reference. Blue lines were used instead of black to keep the confusion down, the blue lines represent the major rivers around the campus. This weeks lab was enjoyable for me and very helpful in the understanding of the ArcMaps program.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ArcGIS Overview

ArcGis Overview

Below is the result of my first GIS lab assignment. The assignment was not to complicated and very helpful. The ArcMap material learned from this lab will be the building blocks we use to construct our maps in the future not just this class. The amount of time necessary for this class was 6-10 hours, this particular assignment only took about 3 hours in total to complete. This map displays the populations of various countries and the differences between them. This assignment taught me my way around ArcMap and most of the important tools necessary to operate the system.